Kira Floorings provide a wide range of uniquely designed wooden flooring products including Solid wood floorings, Engineered wood floorings, Laminate floorings, Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT) and Outdoor decking along with PalmEco the new revolutionary multi usages construction building board . All wooden products are manufactured by Parador the most technically advanced manufacturers of wooden floors in Germany.

Design and sustainability of ideal coverings products and solutions are paramount in the manufacturers process, hence the creation of and unique designs that set the company away from its competitors.

The exclusive designs express the creative talents of our designers, who are frequently joined by worldwide renowned designers in our Edition Collection.

In addition to affordable quality products, Kira Floorings offers a wide range of services:

  • Installation
  • Free site measuring
  • Door to door delivery
  • Maintenance


To become the biggest & most customer-focused flooring solutions company in the Egypt.


Leading the Egypt flooring market through innovation, expertise and by providing products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers and business partner.

Our Values


Team work

We believe nothing is one man success; we compound all team skills together to achieve our vision.



Being credible with our clients is one of the basics of our work; we only promise what we can deliver



We exert great effort to continuously gain our customers’ satisfaction and to exceed their expectations.



We believe passion is what makes any dream doable, we have great belief in our people.

About Parador


PARADOR is an international flooring brand that specialises in HDF and Vinyl floorings with high quality and unique luxurious designs. PARADOR helps people fulfill the basic need to furnish rooms with floor, wall and ceiling elements and to thereby realize their very own ideas & imaginations of home living, by continually getting to grips with ever changing values, needs and trends and persistently experimenting with new ideas and innovative production technology.

PARADOR Middle East

PARADOR is expanding in the Middle East through its’exclusive agent Kira Floorings starting with Dubai, a promising market with high potentials. PARADOR will approach the Middle Eastern market with full capacity, offering its entire product range & variety of designs along with its’ well known customer experience supportive services (25 year warranty, customer service team& flooring supportive products).


PARADOR was introduced to the Egyptian market on 2011, as a German brand with the support of Kira Floorings solutions, the Brand has successfully gained a growing market share and became a challenging competitor to previously existing brands in the market. In addition to the unique designs that are only introduced by PARADOR, the product’s durability, high quality & sophisticated designs have made the brand achieve credibility amongst the target market.

Parador Product Range

Engineered Wood Flooring

Real wood floors increase the value of living areas in a visible manner. The natural material wood gives every room a sense of warmth and homeliness and provides the ideal basis for tasteful, style-conscious furnishing. Engineered and solid wood flooring from Parador allow plenty of ways of setting out your own individual furnishing style starting with thefloor.

Vinyl Flooring

Parador is heralding a new era to its product range in the form of vinyl. The high quality resilient floor covering is the ideal choice for people with high quality standards and an appreciation for individual interior design. The new vinyl floors from Parador are distinguished by extremely high durability, comfort and stylish design. Due to its pleasant, easy-care properties and resistance to damp and chemical substances, it always looks its best in the bathroom and kitchen too.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has long since freed itself from its natural predecessor, engineered wood – not least because of its high resilience and easy maintenance, which also makes it suitable for heavy duty demands in intensively used rooms. These days laminate flooring is experiencing a higher level of appreciation than ever and is seen as a worthy alternative to real wood floors. Laminate flooring from Parador is accorded a special role in this development.

About PalmEco


PalmEco is expanding in Egypt through its’ Exclusive agent Kira Floorings, a promising market with high potentials.

PalmEco is an Eco–friendly alternative to gypsum, wood , Magnesium oxide board , Calcium Silicate board, Plaster and cement-based building board.

PalmEco Board is the revolutionary new building board that is tough, durable and delivers superb high–quality finish. It is versatile and easy to install as you can nail and screw it anywhere, paint, and wallpaper or tile it. It can be used as floorings underlayment , partitions, cabinets, wallings and ceilings.

PalmEco contains no harmful substances, such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound), formaldehyde, asbestos and silica dust, thereby is completely safe even for babies and the elderly. Our boards are also good as sound insulation (up to 40 decibels) which would be great for conferences, music studios and baby rooms. As heat/thermal insulator, you can use our boards for outdoor canopy, roof sheathing resulting in a cooler overall environment

Palmeco board’s water resistant qualities are perfect for areas with high humidity like the kitchen, bathroom, even outdoor beach houses, etc. Unlike wood and particle boards it will not grow mold and mildew, buckle or warp.

PalmEco Board is resistant to fire and insects like termites and ants. It is manufactured via an environmental friendly process that consumes very little energy and emits close to zero carbon emission. It is made from an abundant natural mineral and oil palm waste that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill. Production of our boards does not generate air pollution and unlike plywood, it does not use timber. Unlike particle boards or cement-based building board.

PalmEco boards are produced, tested and certified to very high standards (eg. Fire resistant CRISO,Certified Australia and New Zealand standard 3837, ExovaWarringtonfire, Fugro certification among others.

Our Clients

It’s a pleasure working with the dynamic & energetic team at Kira Floorings. Great products that suit our projects.
Their continued support is much appreciated & we look forward to many more collaborations

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It’s a pleasure working with the dynamic & energetic team at Kira Floorings. Great products that suit our projects.
Their continued support is much appreciated & we look forward to many more collaborations

Wa international

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