PalmEco Case Studies

APB Centre – BEAM highest Platinum rating

  • Architectural Services Department, The Government of the HKSAR.

  • PalmEco Master 12mm was specified for walls because of its strong fire resistance.

  • Sustainable and easy to apply. Satisfies both design and BEAM requirements.

Australia and Peru

  • Newly invented SIP prefab house system producer – TECTA System specified PalmEco because its physical properties are appropriate boards for its systems.

  • SIP Home construction company in Peru specified PalmEco 9mm boards for their projects.

Citibank Tower – basement car park

  • PalmEco boards replaced traditional plywood due to its resistance to dampness so as to prevent problems of paint peeling and board deformity.

  • Paint and many other finishes can be applied onto the boards’ surface.

Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) – BEAM highest Platinum rating

Achieved BEAM Platinum award specified by BEAM professionals as environmental product for use as tile underlayer in wet room because moisture will not cause Palmeco master boards to swell and deform. Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) is developed by Hong Kong’s leading property developer New World Development

Citibank Tower – offices

MDF and plaster boards were replaced by PalmEco boards for the two office towers before leasing to new tenants to avoid persistent moisture damage due to condensation.

CC WU Building – BEAM Gold Rating

  • Palmeco boards were specified for use in the building’s renovation works.

  • Palmeco Master is easy to use and free of any hazardous substances. Palmeco’s strong resistant to fire and moisture and its environmental approach enables very high credit ratings under BEAM.

Aqua Marine in Cheung Sha Wan

PalmEco 6mm boards were specified for ceiling in the car park area because of its durability and strong water resistant ability

Grand Hyatt Grissini

PalmEco was used for ceiling because of its strength, water and fire resistant capabilities.

Austin Place

  • Austin Place has 185 apartments in TST.

  • PalmEco was specified for internal wall and bathroom tile backer.

Residential renovation

Use Palmeco 360° – Because Palmeco is the better green building board free of formaldehyde, there is no need for painting and other topical applications using Palmeco laminates.

Massimo Dutti – Spanish Fashion Group

Spanish Fashion Group specified PalmEco for shop renovation in Shenzhen. Local Government demanded non combustible A1 class material to be used in high traffic shopping center. PalmEco was Specified because it meets the A1 Class fire rated building boards requirement.

Kidney centre in Taoyuan Hospital

  • The designer used 18mm PalmEco Board to replace the original combined use of plywood and calcium silicate boards for the kidney centre renovation. The replacement allowed the hospital to save cost and yet achieving the requirement of fire resistant as well as the better finishes.

  • Palmeco’s zero formaldehyde content is perfect application for this institution.

The Visionary in Tung Chung

PalmEco 9mm boards were specified and applied as glass backers for 9 blocks of building in The Visionary Development in Tung Chung.

Luxury house on the Peak

Renovation works at Hong Kong’s most prestigious residential houses at The Peak.

Palmeco Master 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm were specified for renovation use. Its strong moisture and fire resistant abilities, sustainable nature, and absence of formaldehyde provide a healthy living environment.

Fire Services Training School (FSTS) in Tsueng Kwan O

Total investment for this 158,000 m2 amounts HK$3.5 billion. 6mm Palmeco were used as glass backers.

Disneyland – 1-3 phases renovation

Client specified Palmeco because the board is formaldehyde free, A1 class fire rating features and easy to use. Palmeco replaces High Density Boards at comparable costs.

Intercontinental Hotel

Palmeco replaced the more expensive Marine Ply as backer board for glasses.

Residential Duplex renovation

Designer and owner specified Palmeco for internal wall, ceiling, tile backer as well as external walls in garden because of functional advantages over other boards.

Wakuland Playroom

Wakuland used Palmeco board because it is easy to use and it provides a healthier and safer environment for children.

Offices renovation

International brands specified Palmeco because this A1 fire rated formaldehyde free board provides a safer and healthier working environment.

House building

Philippines is very humid. Customer selected Palmeco board because it does not swell even when submerged in water for days. Added benefits is resistant ability to fire and termites.

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It’s a pleasure working with the dynamic & energetic team at IDEAL Coverings. Great products that suit our projects.
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It’s a pleasure working with the dynamic & energetic team at IDEAL Coverings. Great products that suit our projects.
Their continued support is much appreciated & we look forward to many more collaborations

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